Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Easter/ Tyler's Party

Time sure has flown, I can't believe that I have waited so long to post the Easter pictures and Tyler's party to the web.
We all had a great day. The food was wonderful and plentiful!
After lunch while the babies napped we had a good ole fashioned game of wiffle ball.
Tyler was team captain on one team and Scotty was on the other.
I'd like to say my team won, but since we didn't, I'll just say I can't remember who won. LOL
Everyone had a great time. At one point Jay stole 1st base, the problem was he wasn't the batter he was the 1st baseman. We had to set forth some rules after that. The most important rule was "Have fun", "Don't get hurt", & "all other rules are subject to change."
After the ball game the kids had to go inside while the eggs were hid. We had 260 eggs scattered about and as far as I know all were found except one. It was found the next week by some of moms church friends...
Last but not least was cake, presents and pictures.
Tyler was loveing all of the attention but could have passed on the MUSHY cards... We made him read them out loud so we could all hear.
One of my favorite pictures was of Mom with all of the grandkids and great grandkids. (We just need pictures of Alice and Owen so we can photo shop them in there.)
It was a great day with friends and family. A time that I know I want soon forget as I'm sure all who were there feel the same.
As Tyler is gone now to basic training we hope that should he get a little down or homesick he will think back to the party that we had and all the fun and laughs, and at least for a moment be right back there enjoying himself with family, knowing that we are proud of him and who he is as well as what he is doing...
That's all for now, Check out my future...

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