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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A "One"derful birthday & 4th of July weekend!

What a weekend!

It was 4th of July weekend and all thru the house, everybody was in Holiday mode even the mouse. Ok, well thats all of my ryhming skills, so for the rest of this blog update I'll be winging it!

Who doesn't love a 3 day weekend? The only thing better than a 3 day weekend is a 4 day weekend. Lets just say that fun was had by all over the holiday!

Friday was your typical 4th of July festivities. We had a nice cookout with ribs and hotdogs and all of the trimmings, along with a birthday cake that was NOT RED, WHITE or BLUE!! no flag or firecracker in sight! It was white with PINK writting and roses. It said "Happy Birthday Mom , Nonna" ,I loved it!!

Presents are always good and I got me some of those! My "exwife" came over with her husband and boys and we hung out in the pool and ate and had the best time. One highlight was when Tyler called. Bethany had gone to the store and had car trouble while she was gone. Scotty tried to fix it for her, but only ended up breaking the jumper cables in addition to the car that was already broke. Well, Tyler had called while she was gone and Bethany would not have made it through the day, if she knew her bubba had called and she didn't get to speak to him, so we called her on Waynes cell phone and held that phone up to the phone Tyler was on and they got to speak to each other. It's complicated technology!! By the way Wayne went and fixed Bethany's car so she did finally get to leave Kim's Conoco and get back to the celebration. LOL on a seperate note, if you ever have Tim over to swim and he gives you this load about dunking you under the water over and over and over and did I mention over agian for hours as he is wrapped around your neck with a death grip on your forhead and calls it the cure for gray hair, RUN as Fast as you can. I let him try his little trick on me and all I got was sore neck and extra gray hairs!! Cricket agrees with me, she says that she tried it too and it doesn't seem to work, the only cure she has found for the gray hair is Mrs Claroll and as far as the sore neck she says to keep Tim off your neck, that is working well for her! LOL

Fast forward to Saturday the 5th ALana is ONE year old today!!

first thing that morning Tyler calls, twice in one weekend, how great is that?

We get the entire recreation club all pinked up for the party and for me it's off to home to chill in the pool and take a nap until the hour of the big " shin dig"

It was an awsome party as I'm sure you have noticed from the pictures on the post. Alana Grace, aka alanabug, princess, princess grace and a host of other extremly precious and fitting nicknames was the belle of the ball!

The theme was all things castle and Alana was the reigning princess. You'll notice one of her presents was a throne! LOL

The food was prepared by Grady (paw paw) & Dee (maw maw) & it was delicious. The cakes were the creative design of Tricia (Aunt Tricia) she's our go to girl on the party cakes. We like to say Nobody does it better!

All of the Grandparents were in attendance- There was Grady & Dee (maw maw & paw paw), Cricket & Wayne (also Maw maw & Paw paw), John & Katherine (I don't know thier grandparent names so I'll just call them mee mee & pee pee, I chose that name because I like the idea of calling John Pee Pee as opposed to Poo poo. LOL, I crack myself up) It's just a joke John don't get offended! Then of course theres me & Jay (Poppa J & Nonna although Aidden seems to insist that Poppa J is really Paw paw and if you read the grandparent names listed above you'll see the last thing we need is another Paw Paw but oh well, it is what it is! )

Unfortunatly we were missing great grandparents- My mom (known as many different names but today I'll call her umah), Jay's mom & dad (Grandma & Grandpa in NC), My daddy & Shiela (paw paw & Shiela), and Great grandmother Nothin even though you guys weren't there with us we were thinking of you and love you all!

The lady bug cake that was Alana's personal cake (in honor of her nickname that her MOM gave her before she was born "alanabug") was just as cute as a bug! Alana toyed with it some and even ate some of it but never covered herself in it from head to toe, as I'm sure she knew that is not behavior befitting of a princess! LOL! She did require however a dip in the sink to remove the icing from all of her crevices.

By the time we got to presents that was one tired little princess. She slept thru most of that but we took pictures of her in various stages of sleep on and around all of her loot. Thanks to everyone for all of the gifts, she made out like a bandit!

The party was FUN FUN FUN and then her momma took her walker away and began to clean up, We all took that as a clue that the party was over.

If you want to clear a party commence with breaking out the brooms and trash bags it's amazing how quick the room will clear!

Sunday was church then a trip to Mickey Dee's with Aidden and onto th egrocery store. That's always fun, by that comment I mean Mickey Dees with Aidden, not the grocery store. Tyler did call me on the cell while I was grocery shopping. It was nice to get to talk to him so much.
Sunday night we had an improptu cookout with Brandy, Josh & Aidden. Lotts of fun. We took a dip in the pool, Aidden took a pretty substantial dip while on his fathers watch. Let's just say that for the next little while Aidden steered clear of Daddy and just looked at him a little crazy when he would say things like, "come to daddy, or I got you son" That Aidden is a pretty smart fellow, he wasn't falling for that agian, at least not for a little while... Tyler ended up calling agian Sunday afternoon, count it thats 3 calls on Sunday and 2 voice mails that I missed the call for. It got so funny that on his last call of the evening I answered and he said, "hey momma, what ya doing?", " I said, "are you kidding me?" He cracked up at that. We ran out of stuff to talk about so we just kind of hung out on the phone and talked about whatever seemed to come up in the conversation, it was GREAT!!
It was a great weekend, and lotts of good fun and good memories. I guess all thats left to do after such an excitting holiday is get back to work until the next little hiatis from work AKA as the weekend!
Thats all for now, check out my future...