Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tyler.... Home & gone again

Time has a way of getting by you so quickly...
This photo blog is a representation of Tyler coming home after basic, then heading off to Korea for the next leg in his journey that is "Life as a Calvary Scout"
I have given great thought as to how the best way to describe our adventure should go, and I find myself at a loss for words. I know those of you who know me will be quit shocked at that statement, but it is true.
I could try and fill all of you in on all of the details from our trip to KY that included one report of a child "MIA" a mere 8 hours away and the manhunt that ensued. I could go on to talk about the relief of everyone once that saga was behind and the next couple of days that I spent talking one of the "unnamed parents" out of killing or at least doing great bodily harm to that "poor innocent child".
I could try to describe the thrill that Jay had when he realized that his Sister, her husband and niece and nephew had taken the RV "trip from hell" to surprise him & Tyler and all of the fun times we had with them. Ashley & Carter are great kids, I say this only because "they are professionals" LOL I think you had to be there to get that nugget!
I could talk about the tattoo but I think the picture says it all. BTW that little trip to the tattoo shop caught on and once we were back at home Amber, Cricket & Chris caught the tattoo bug. I'll post a separate blog with the tats!
One thing that I remember is we (the real and fake parents along with Tyler) had a "NO Zone" for just about everything. I would love to explain but then I'd be in "zone violation" LOL I guess you just had to be there!
The time Tyler was home passed ever so quickly, of course, selfishly I say we did not see him nearly as much as we would have liked, but we sure did have a good time visiting with him and his buddies! "shout out to the buddies"
The trip to take Tyler to Columbus Airport, I mean Atlanta airport was anything but uneventful. Let's just say Tyler finally got on a plane that would get him to NY that in turn would get him to Korea. Only a couple of laws were broken a few times during that trip, No body was hurt and MOST of the swaering was done under my (did I say MY) I meant someones breath. LOL
All in all "Fun was had by all"!
That's all for now, check out my future...