Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Jay & Bethany Birthday & Last supper with Tyler

Happy Birthday To you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Bethie & sweetie happy birthday to you...
We had a cook out to celebrate Bethie & sweeties birthday. Hot dogs and all the trimmings. It was Goooood!
Cricket, Wayne and the boys all came over so we could have another chance to all spend some time with Tyler.
We always have a great time when we all get together. I know our families are blended and will always be and really that is a good thing. To have a blended family that functions as one unit (most of the time) is unusual but at the same time fantastic! We are just one REAL BIG HAPPY FAMILY!!
Other pictures that are included are from when we dropped Tyler off for the last time so he could leave for basic the next morning. We all went to Golden Corral and ate way too much food!
It was ALL good (except the meatloaf, Jay says that was BAD!)
Everyone was holding it together pretty good when we said good bye to Tyler until Bethany had to say bye, Bless her heart she lost it then cried all the way home, which of course got me all choked up. Scotty and Amber both know themselves pretty well and opted out of the hotel goodbye and just quietly said there good byes at the resturant and excused themselves. I guess they are a little sentimentle. (wonder who they take that after? LOL)
Cricket said that she wanted to make sure she didn't cry in front of Tyler, he don't like it when girls cry. She was able to manage that although I'm sure it wasn't easy.
Brandy and Josh and Aidden stayed with us and Tyler until it was finally time that we HAD to leave.
It was difficult to pull away that night because you know that Life as we know it is forever changed, not in a bad way, because you expect that your kids grow up and move on and thats kind of the goal. But life is changed none the less...
We have since heard from Tyler's recruiter that he made it to basic training fine. (note, I said we heard from the recruiter not Tyler, so Tyler, if you are reading this call home when you can and by home I'm talking about call your mom or dad. LOL)
So any way life is good in Titus Alabama, we are all now looking forward to June when we can got to KY and see Tyler graduate. The birthdays are all out of the way for a while and so are the major holidays.
Look for my next post that will include Aidden for the weekend/ Brandy & Josh 1 year anniversary.
Thats all for now check out my future...

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