Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial day weekend with Kim & Jim - Owen & Alice

Wow, what fun!!
We had everything you need for good old fashioned summer fun.
Freaking Out
and bunch of other stuff, but since it doesn't start with "F" I'm not going to mess up my Flow and just say that it was a BLAST!!
Everybody was there at least for short visits with the exception of my man Tyler, who, as all of you know is still in basic training. He was certainly a topic of conversation and there with us in our thoughts.
Owen and his cousins all had a great time. They colored and watched videos. They had a big time in the pool and playing with the trucks. The funniest thing happens when you get little kids together. They speak their own little language and most of the people old enough to drive can only understand every 3rd word. But hey they know what they are talking about. They also find the strangest things to play with. One of the most favorite play things was the set of drink coasters and the green vinyl table cloth that covered the coffee table. It was just to funny to watch them entertain themselves.
Of course the pool was a great treat, Owen was not so sure about it to start with, he had to ease into that, but once he was enjoying it he had a great time. He would do this cute little jump off the side to daddy thing. To start with he kind of just leaned over and daddy would grab him, but once he got started his jumps got bigger and bigger and came closer together than the last until finally one of them caught Daddy off guard and of course Owen sank! Like a rock, Sank. That of course covers the "Freaking out" part of the intro. Well that's probably slightly exaggerated, really the way it went was Owen sank, we yelled at Jim who did not hear so I jumped in a yanked him up. ( I was completely calm and for those of you who know & love me that in itself should be pretty impressive) Owen was not upset and didn't swallow any water but the first thing he said was " need out" I kind of agreed with him on that one. well, Christie & Bre immediately started saying that Aunt Rhonda had "saved" Owen! I told them, "now when you go in at lunch, don't tell Aunt Kim that I saved Owen. No since in getting her worried, everything turned out fine. So what do you think was the first thing that happened when they got in for lunch? That's right, they told on Uncle Jim!!
We had food of all kinds and I mean a bunch of it. One thing we know about in our family is groceries. There were 2 birthday cakes for Christie & Bre's birthday so we all saved room for dessert. Well, let me rephrase that we didn't save room but we had dessert anyway!
Good times!!
Of course anytime you have that many people together you gotta have a little fussing, so I want name names to protect the innocent (NOT) but there were a few of the kids that had to go to the corner. I will give the strictest parent award to Rob, who literally took one of the unnamed children as we finished the "Happy Birthday song" directly from blowing out the candles to sitting in the corner. That's what I call a no nonsense daddy, but the kids I'm sure have a different name for him. LOL
Now let me tell you about Alice, that baby is the cutest little thing. When she starts laughing out loud it is contagious.
I think everybody had an opportunity to visit and laugh with one another. It was such fun. As a matter of fact I am already looking forward to next year.
Well I could go on forever telling about every little detail, but I don't like typing that much so you'll have to use your imagination to fill any blank spots that I might have left.
Just know that "Fun was had by ALL"
Thanks Jim & Kim for spending your vacation with us. we love you and miss you guys already.
that's all for now, check out my future...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Picture Day from Hell

It's been a few weeks now since me and my girls had the traumatic expierence of TRYING to get Aidden & Alana's milestone pictures made.

It all started one peaceful Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago when Aidden was up for 18 month pictures and Alana needed her 9 month pictures, We had a lovely lunch and afternoon, even took a few family snapshots to send to Tyler.

We had the cutest little outfits ready for them to wear, they both were going to be in denim shorts and of course Alana was going to wear a princess t-shirt and ball cap and Aidden had a denim ball cap. We were excited because so far they have always had there pictures made togather since Alana was born. We decided to take them to Wal-Mart rather than JC Pennys to save a few $$. Besides Aidden was about to have school pictures made that same week, and trust me there is NEVER a shortage of Alana pictures!!

The little OLD man at Wal Mart was just about worthless as a picture taker, it's almost as if they snagged the little greeter man and ask him to stand in for the photographer. I can't describe to you just how inept he was at his job!

Of course when we first got in there the babies were a little fussy so we had to try to settle them down, but NO Kidding, every time there was a good shot of them, he had set down on the stool and was picking at his ear, ( you know like the monkeys do at the zoo) or he had walked back over to the computer counter and was messing with that, Once he even left us there and went and took pills!! At that point I really needed a pill too, A Chill Pill!!

Then when he finally did attempt to snap a picture or two he would say, "sorry, I pressed the wrong button"

If you notice the pictures at the top of this post you will see the ones of Aidden "Just to Thru" with the whole picture thing. That was after we were already back home and he had calmed down!!

The picture you see of Brandy with that "I'm about to kill somebody look" was mid way through the 1 and a half hour torment that we endured... Yes I said 1 and 1/2 hours with NO pictures made!!

Then the ones of Alana in the grass are the ones we decided to shoot at the house when we got home to mark her 9 month milestone.

Bottom line is that we may not have many pictures to mark the 18 month and 9 month milestone for the babies but me and my girls have an experience we won't soon forget as well as the priceless knowledge that will keep us from ever making that same mistake twice and going to Wal Mart for pictures!

That's all for now, check out my future!

My New Work Space

Well Hello Bog World!
Just wanted to show off my new diggs...
The company that I work for now has made me feel right at home.

They have put together this wonderful work space for me and I am excited to be part of the family here.

I did tell them that they are spoiling me. (I like that) Also that if in a few years they begin to talk amongst themselves that I am high maintenance to remember they made me this way. LOL!!

I guess thats all for now, Check out my future.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day Was a Blast!!

Happy Mothers Day Mom! I hope that you got my cards... I couldn't call because I can't find Kim's phone number. I always call you at home to get the # and guess what, you were not at home you were with Kim!! Kind of put a kink in my normal routine...

Any way call me or have Kim email me with the telephone # so I can call you. I miss you and hope that you had a fabulous day and I love you.

Also Mom (in NC) Jay did not let me speak to you before he hung up, but I wanted to wish you a happy Mothers Day and let you and Dad know that I got the beautiful card that you sent. Thank you so much. I love you both.

My mothers day was wonderful, we had church that morning and then a nice cookout that afternoon. My Co- Mom came over with her husband and boys. Scotty and Bethany both had to work that afternoon but I was able to spend some time with them that morning and again that night. Brandy, Josh & Aidden as well as Amber, John & Alana were all there. It was very sweet to spend Mothers day with all of them. This was Amber's 1st Mothers day, I hope that she felt special, because she is. Brandy is so excited she finally has a piece of jewelry that says "MOM". Good thing too because if she didn't get a "MOM" jewelry this year I gotta funny feeling that Josh was "Gonna be Sorry"...

Bethany got me the most beautiful bracelet and sweetest card, you know one of those that makes you cry. For those of you who now Bethany she is not all that sentimental so I was quite surprised and since I am somewhat sentimental, OK ALOT sentimental I will not soon forget her words in the card, or the fact that she used a good little bit of hard earned money that she probably should have used for something else to treat her "Good OLE Mom" special. Thanks Bethany. I love you.

Scotty had me a homemade cheesecake made, IT WAS SOOOO GOOD!! I enjoyed 2-3 pieces of it and I'm sure that will show on the Weight Watchers scale tomorrow, but it was worth every point. Did I mention I'll be working out with a vengeance tonight? Thanks for the cake son, I enjoyed it and I love you. You are always so sweet and have such a good heart.

Brandy & Amber Both got me the nicest cards and helped with lunch. I don't think I actually done anything in the kitchen other than maybe stirring something on occasion. Both Brandy & Amber know how proud I am of them, but just for the record you both are amazing. I think that you phenomenal mothers. So patient and kind with your children. It is truly a joy to watch.

My man Tyler!! He finally got to call home! It was WONDERFUL to hear his voice. When the phone rang and Jay smiled we all knew immediately who was on the other end. I'm sure for him it was like a world wind, he was passed around so fast it would make your head spin. We needed to make sure everyone got an opportunity to speak to him. Our conversation was brief but I know one thing, he sounded HAPPY!! That is important to me. There are several things a mother wants for her child and happiness is at the top of the list. Of course he sounded good and strong and so grown. We can all hardly wait until June when we can all get our hands on him and hug him until it hurts!!

last but not least is my "Sweetie" For those of you who have to hear "Ode to Sweetie" all the time I just hate that for you, you'll have to suffer through it yet again. LOL

My sweetie is one of the kindest souls I have ever had the pleasure to be around. He got me perfume for Mothers Day and took me out to dinner the Sat. night before Mothers Day. I was a little stressed by something at dinner and I'm not sure exactly when or how but by the time dinner was over I didn't have a care in the world. He just has the most calming spirit, and makes it his mission to make sure that I feel taken care of and cared for. On Mothers Day he cooked and after lunch him & Josh done the dishes. I didn't have a worry in the world. After everybody left that afternoon it was down for a nap! I'm the luckiest girl in the world!!
He is so good at this husband thing I may have to consider having him hold a boot camp for husbands so that the less fortunate women can send their husband for intensive training! LOL
I crack myself up!

Well when it was all said & done Mothers day was many different things for me. It was sweet, and fun, loving, and memorable, exciting and rewarding as well as filling. I enjoyed my day and certainly felt honored by my husband and children. I hope all of you other mothers out there had a Mothers Day that is worthy of remembering and felt the same love and devotion from your family.

That's all for now, Check out my future...