Monday, June 9, 2008

Proud of our soldier

It's an honor to serve are the sentiments of PV2 Andrews.
It's even more of an honor to know that your child is doing something that he believes in with his whole heart. With this post there is great pride in my heart as well as Jay's, Cricket's and Wayne's as we see the boy that we have raised become a man. Of course it's not like just over a period of a few months that he magically became a man, Oh no, that takes a lifetime. It is a journey that he started on the day he was born and will continue to grow into until he draws his last breath.

Tyler has grown so much more mature recently, he enlisted as young man with no direction, just kind of wandering lost towards his future. But as he writes home and we hear his thoughts we can tell that he is a man with a vision of success. He is strong and confident and independent yet still gentle in his spirit and soft in his heart.

We will see him this weekend, and it's a much anticipated trip. It will be fun. We will cherish every moment. Tyler writes in one of his letters that he can't wait, he expects it to be one the best times of his life.(No pressure on the parents to make sure he has a great time)

Well,we all feel the same way, It's gonna be GREAT!. Scotty will not be able to go and that's unfortunate because I know that Tyler really wants him there and no doubt Scotty wanted to be there. But Scotty is away at Carpenters for Christ, he had already obligated himself for that and it's an important mission.We're proud of his commitment and what he is off doing,but we will miss him terribly. It won't be complete without Scooty there.

Tyler did call yesterday afternoon. I had Alana at the pool so I didn't hear the phone. He left me two messages, which I have saved and listened to about 6 times already since last night. Not that the messages said very much, but I love to hear his voice and his little mannerisms in his speech. It was kind of funny though because he left the 1st message on the house phone and said "'ll try you on your cell. then on the cell message he said "your not picking up anywhere, I'm gonna try my real mom." That made me laugh because it's just too funny.I can't get in touch with my fake mom so I'll try my real mom. I guess you have to be a fake mom to get the humor in that. It still tickles me every time I listen to it.

Thursday will be here before you know it & we will hit the road, a "sho nuff" road trip with a convoy that stretches 3 cars long. If you happen to be on the road anywhere between Titus & Kentucky Thursday thru fathers day Sunday honk if you belong to Tyler's family, or you can get in the convoy and follow us or just move out of the way because we are a couple of real and fake moms and dads on our way to see our boy!!! LOL

That's all for now, check out my future...