Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bethany's Senior prom 2008

What a beautiful couple... Bethany & Randall Senior Prom 2008

This is one proud daddy, When they announced "Bethany Sanford" escorted by her father Richard Andrews. You could almost see him swell with pride. Bethany was the only one of the kids who invited us to senior lead out, I know it was very special to Sweetie & myself.
Bethany & her daddy have a close bond. She enjoys being his "Angel"

A friend of ours, Wanda Hammonds & her daughter Megan done Bethany's hair & makeup.
It turned out Gorgeous!

We had the pleasure of meeting Randall's mother & father for dinner. We went to Outback in Prattville. The food was good the company was Great. I finally met someone who speaks even less than Sweetie. Tim (Randall's father) doesn't talk much. Him & Sweetie seem to hit it off...

Amy, Bethany's sister in law done the photos, the Good ones. They will be ready in about a week or so then I 'll add them. I can't wait to see how they turned out. She has a good eye for photography, she is the one who done Beth's senior pictures.

The back of the gown, GORGEOUS!!

Daddy with his "Angel"

I simply had no idea how much Bethany & I looked alike...

Bethany & her "Big Brother" James. He was reluctant to be in the picture, he said he had not showered yet. I assured him that there would be no "smellovision" LOL

Pretty as a picture!!

Bethany Sanford & Randall Peavy
Senior Prom 2008
"A Mystical Evening"

Monday, February 16, 2009

Aidden catches his 1st Fish.

What a great time...

After Sunday lunch Aidden, Brandy, Josh "Sweetie" & me all went down to Lisa & Rex's pond so Aidden could go on his 1st ever fishing trip.

Boy did we have a good afternoon, the weather was perfect!

We had not been there very long when Brandy & Aidden hooked "a monster fish"

Aidden wasn't scared of the fish at all but the crickets on the other hand, now that was a different story.

After he threw the fish back he was pretty much done with the whole fishing experience but we didn't leave until Josh caught one. He wasn't about to be "out fished" by a 2 year old with a spider man rod.

It was a great day, one I'll never forget as I'm sure Sweetie, Brandy & Josh feel the same way.
That's all for now, check out my future...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Nonna's Lanabug

Just another Sunday... I love it!

Alana & Amber playing with "the lips"
Brandy is "chillin"

Aidden & Alana playing with the toys...

Aidden finally let Alana have a chip.

Nothing like Sunday at Poppa J's AKA Pawpaw & Nonna's
Toys everywhere, I do mean everywhere, good food, good fun, & good people!

Aidden turned 2 "Way back in October"

My Darling Grandson turned 2 in Oct. 2008 and I am ashamed to say that I am just now in Jan 2009 putting the pix up. Sorry!!

Any way- We had a blast at the party. It was ALL THINGS SPIDERMAN!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008