Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spending the weekend with Nonna & Poppa Jay

Happy Anniversary Brandy & Josh...
You made it a whole year. CONGRATULTIONS !!
For Brandy & Josh's anniversary we got a present, We had the opportunity to spend the weekend with Aidden!
It sure was fun, exhausting, but fun.
We started the weekend off early by picking him up from daycare at lunch time. The minute he saw Poppa Jay he started dancing in his high chair, you could see his whole little face just light up, and Poppa Jay was just as excited. I promise you I have never seen anything like the connection that the two of them share. It is truley very special...
I took Aidden to the grocery store with me, he was amazing, so good and sweet. He only got a little cranky one time, but it was nothing that a cookie didn't fix.
Since he had not had a nap all day by 7:30 he was down for the count and slept all night waking up in the best mood. One of the first things I heard Saturday morning was him giggeling about something, I'm not sure what had him tickled but he was smiling and laughing and really having a good laugh.
Poppa Jay was due to be gone for the day to the Alabama A-day game but because of the rain he opted to stay home. He went to the store and got them each a biscut. They ate and played all morning.
About 9:30 all 3 of us decided it was time for a nap, at least Nonna & Poppa Jay were in agreement on the subject, Aidden was a good sport and went along with the plan. After about 2 hours of napping Poppa Jay decided it was time to get busy so he went off to Wal Mart and I took the opportunity to get a shower while little man was still napping. Well he woke up while I was finishing getting dressed and blow drying my hair and his first words were "Go bye bye?"
Apparently to him an adult putting on clothes and blow drying hair is the universal signal that we about to take a trip. I thought that was pretty funny, but he insisted that we were leaving the house so I took him over to see his Mawmaw & pawpaw, I thought if Mawmaw wasn't busy we might go to the park with Aidden. Mawmaw had already made other plans so she couldn't go but uncle Tim was thrilled to go, so off we went.
1st things first LUNCH...
Poppa Jay met us at McDonalds and we had the standard fast food with out the fast part. I think the whole concept of quick, and friendly service is a myth that doesn't exist except in our minds.
Aidden ate all of his chicken nuggets and sucked the ketchup off of half his fries. In his happy meal he had a toy, it was this little American Idol figure. When you raise his arm he sings for about 15 seconds. The only problem with that, and those of you who are around Aidden and know his "dance" know that 15 seconds of music isn't nearly long enough and so it requires someone (me) to sit there and lift and lower the little arm on the american idol figure until Aidden is done dancing, which of course I was thrilled to do and did do for the better part of hour on Saturday afternoon when we got home from the park. Thankfully the chicken that dances makes music for about a minute and a half and Aidden can turn it on and off himself so I was eventualy able to move on from Mr. American idol man.
Saturday night after dinner we had a bath. Kayla, Aiddens cousin had come to spend the night so they had a blast playing and running but by 8pm they were both pretty well ready for bed, as was Nonna & Poppa Jay.
Sunday was of course church, so once I caught Aidden (he runs when it's time to dress) and got him in his overalls it was off to church.
When we came home from church Brandy & Josh were already at the house, seems as though they missed Aidden. I certainly understand that...
Lunch was good and most everybody that usually comes over was there. I always enjoy Sunday at the house with all the kids and grandbabies.
Of course Tyler wasn't there, he is still in Kentucky in Basic Training but we have alraedy got 3 letters from him. He is doing well and says that it is everything that he hoped for. He is learning alot and having a great time, but of course misses everyone.
By early afternoon the house had cleared out. Brandy took Aidden home so she could spend some time with him, Jay & Josh did something they rarely get to do, they went fishing LOL.
Amber & John rode with Bethany to take Kayla home, Scotty went to get BIG tires put on his truck and mom had to get home. That left me with Alana, that of course made the weekend complete. We played all afternoon. She is scooting along and crawling everywhere. It was so much fun. We played with toys and played ride the horsey and all of the other little games until her mommy came and got her.
What a wonderful weekend at Nonna & Poppa Jay's.
It's one that will not soon be forgotten.
Thanks to children, there is the precious gift of grandchildren.
What a life...
Thats all for now, check out my future.

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