Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Picture Day from Hell

It's been a few weeks now since me and my girls had the traumatic expierence of TRYING to get Aidden & Alana's milestone pictures made.

It all started one peaceful Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago when Aidden was up for 18 month pictures and Alana needed her 9 month pictures, We had a lovely lunch and afternoon, even took a few family snapshots to send to Tyler.

We had the cutest little outfits ready for them to wear, they both were going to be in denim shorts and of course Alana was going to wear a princess t-shirt and ball cap and Aidden had a denim ball cap. We were excited because so far they have always had there pictures made togather since Alana was born. We decided to take them to Wal-Mart rather than JC Pennys to save a few $$. Besides Aidden was about to have school pictures made that same week, and trust me there is NEVER a shortage of Alana pictures!!

The little OLD man at Wal Mart was just about worthless as a picture taker, it's almost as if they snagged the little greeter man and ask him to stand in for the photographer. I can't describe to you just how inept he was at his job!

Of course when we first got in there the babies were a little fussy so we had to try to settle them down, but NO Kidding, every time there was a good shot of them, he had set down on the stool and was picking at his ear, ( you know like the monkeys do at the zoo) or he had walked back over to the computer counter and was messing with that, Once he even left us there and went and took pills!! At that point I really needed a pill too, A Chill Pill!!

Then when he finally did attempt to snap a picture or two he would say, "sorry, I pressed the wrong button"

If you notice the pictures at the top of this post you will see the ones of Aidden "Just to Thru" with the whole picture thing. That was after we were already back home and he had calmed down!!

The picture you see of Brandy with that "I'm about to kill somebody look" was mid way through the 1 and a half hour torment that we endured... Yes I said 1 and 1/2 hours with NO pictures made!!

Then the ones of Alana in the grass are the ones we decided to shoot at the house when we got home to mark her 9 month milestone.

Bottom line is that we may not have many pictures to mark the 18 month and 9 month milestone for the babies but me and my girls have an experience we won't soon forget as well as the priceless knowledge that will keep us from ever making that same mistake twice and going to Wal Mart for pictures!

That's all for now, check out my future!

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