Monday, March 10, 2008

5 Generations

What a wonderful day Sunday was. I had the opportunity to take my mom 2 of my daughters and my grandaughter to visit my grandmother.
Mom always looks forward to going to see her mom, although she doesn't get an opportunity to visit as much as she would like.
On the way to Alabaster, it's about an hour drive Momma, me and the 2 girls talked and sang and laughed. It's not something we get to do with each other very often now that all my kids are grown or at least very close to grown, (that point depends on who's perspective your talking about.)
Once we got to the nursing home we hauled the baby and all of the baby stuff out of the car and found our way to grandmas room. She was sleeping and very pleased to see that she had company when mom ask her,"if she was going to sleep all day?" I kinda had to laugh with mom being the one asking that question. (Don't tell her but thats what we all say about her is that she sleeps all the time.)
Once we reminded grandma who all of us were agian we had a very nice visit. Grandma gets a little confused so ever once in awhile we did have to remind her who some of us were.
She loved meeting Alana her Great Great Grandaughter. She just got a kick out of her little expressions. Alana loved her Great Great Grandma too. She especially loved all of grandmas babies, one imparticular that had the perfect little head for knawing.
Of course Grandma tried to get us to take some of the dolls home with us since she said her kids never played with them anymore.
We took some pictures of Alana Grace with Great Great grandma and we took the picture that is at the top of todays entry that I will forever treasure.
my grandaughter, my daughter, myself, my mom, and my grandma.
5 generations... It was a special time for me as I'm sure it was for my mom and Amber.
Once it was time to leave, grandma told me quickly, I didn't visit enough, she is absolutly right!!
I promised to do better about coming by and I hope to try to get there at least every 3 or 4 months.
We said our goodbyes and left to meet moms sister or as I have always so lovingly called her AUNT Donna and some of her friends who we have adopted as part of our family, or did they adopt us? Oh well I guess that point is unimportant. The important thing is we met them for lunch.
It was a wonderful little Mexican place. The food was good the service was great!!
We had a nice long lunch and then went back to Aunt Donna's house for a short visit. Time was flying and before long it was time to hit the road so we could all get home and ready for a new week.
It was a wonderful day!
Life is good!
Family is the most important thing!
Time is precious!
Count your blessings! and by that I'm not only talking about good things, I'm talking about lessons you've learned and hard times that you have perservered through.
Joys that you can still feel in your heart as well as the sorrows that somedays still break your heart, That is the tapestry that you call your life.
Thats all for now but, check out my future...

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