Thursday, February 28, 2008

Typical Thursday

Hello world...
I am on my maiden voyage in the world of BLOG here goes nothing.

A typical Thursday for me is up at 7:45 and off to work by 8:45. To begin a day long of making sales calls and service calls.
My job as an insurance agent is the same but different every day!

With such a need for health insurance that is affordable in our country my job is never boring and I get to entertain some very good conversations.

Tonight after work I'm off to work out. It'll be 5 miles of walking (Fast) and a couple sets of Pilates.

So far it must be working, between the working out and Weight watchers I've lost 23 pounds so far in 2008.

"I will lose the weight in 2008!"

2 of my children are sick right now with sinus infections, thank God for antibiotics.

My daughter just called a little while ago and told me that my 16 month old grandson has learned a new trick. Drum roll Please....

He can get his finger ALL the way up his nose! He is so talented LOL

He really is smart, just learning some nasty habits, guess thats to be expected.

Well this is it for today.

Check my future out.

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