Friday, February 29, 2008


Wow, did somebody say it's Friday?

I hope thats what I heard. For some reason this seems like it has been the longest week!

It's short day for me (Always is on Friday). My sweetie is home from work today, he took a vactaion day.

I think we will have both grandbabies Saturday night to spend the night and then bring them to church with us on Sunday. We're gonna have to get moving Sunday to get to early service with 2 babies. That should prove to be interesting.

Scotty is out on the lake fishing today, that boy loves to fish....

Im gonna finally get Bethany registered for the ACT today, I've put it off way to long. Im also goning to get Moms taxes done and Amber & Scotty's FASFA taken care of. I call it tieing up all my loose ends.

Not very much going here today at work, Fridays are always pretty quiet.

Have a great weekend.

Check out my future!

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kimora said...

Cute kids, but I'm biased, as they are kin. I love being able to see what y'all are up to, since you are NEVER home:-(Love--Kimora